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Dr Alison Burns showing volunteers casts of deer footprints © Kevin Grice

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Find out what our volunteers and teams have been up to and what a positive impact they are having around Morecambe Bay.

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Help us tell the story of the Furness Peninsula

Would you like to join one of the longest-running research projects in the world? By signing up for our free…

Lapwings Credit Jarrod Sneyd

The State of Nature 2023 and Morecambe Bay

According to the State of Nature Report 2023, the UK has experienced a significant loss of biodiversity and, as a…

Birdfeeder image from Canva

Nature notes: how we can all help nature

Our CEO Sarah considers the ways in which we can all help nature - from gardens to pots on windowsills…

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Back On Our Map "best bits"

As the Back On Our Map project reaches its grand finale, it's time to reflect on the remarkable achievements of…

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What will you discover?

Whist the summer crowds have faded and the beaches are quieter, the winter months bring a unique opportunity to witness…

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Back On Our Map Legacy Documents

Want to know more about the BOOM species and all the work that has been carried out over the past…

Family enjoying Half Moon Bay Wildey Media

Love Morecambe Bay

We know so many of you love Morecambe Bay and want this precious place to be protected and cared for…


A Symphony of Wings

Migratory Marvels Autumn brings with it the breathtaking phenomenon of bird migration, and Morecambe Bay becomes a vital stopover point…

Spoonbills by Jarrod Sney

Why we need abundant nature in Morecambe Bay

Sarah, our CEO, reflects on the notion of 'adundance' in nature and new species making the Bay their home.

Cross Bay Walk 2019 Teresa Kirk

Walk the Bay FOR the Bay, Sunday 30th July, 3.30pm * SOLD OUT

Thank you to everyone who bought a ticket for our first ever cross Bay walk from Arnside to Grange on…

Friends on bench Hoad Wildey Media July2022

Morecambe Bay - a cycling and walking destination to shout about

If you run a tourism and hospitality business in the Bay, we are offering a range of opportunities.

Bay Limestone Round crop2

Reducing Environmental Impacts of Outdoor Events

Have you been to an event where there's lots of surplus, unnecessary single use plastic? Have you seen litter left…