Walk Off The Pud With A Festive Bird Challenge!

Fri, 2018-12-14 16:02

Morecambe Bay Partnership’s dedicated birdlife volunteers, the Natural Ambassadors, are encouraging local families across north Lancashire and southern Cumbria to walk off the pud and spot some amazing birds over Christmas and New Year.

The Natural Ambassadors’ ‘Boxing Day bird’ is the knot – dumpy, short-legged and also easy to spot because of its short green legs and long, straight black bill. In winter, a knot has a silvery-grey upper body and white belly, as well as displaying a faint wing-stripe when in flight - not the only aerial clue to pick up on. full story

£50,000 award to test cycle and walkway along Arnside Viaduct

Wed, 2018-11-28 15:32
Striding towards a new route across Morecambe Bay

An award of £50,000 to Morecambe Bay Partnership will cost and explore the opportunities of a walking and cycling route alongside Arnside viaduct.

The idea has been around for years.  A community Group Arnside to Grange (AToG) have been working with Morecambe Partnership and others to see how this could happen. The idea comes from the local community who had looked forward to walking across the viaduct on Christmas Day. 10 years ago the tradition was stopped for safety reasons and the idea to build a new footpath/cyclepath along the side of the viaduct was born. full story

Construction to begin for Morecambe Bay’s hand-built, sculptural stone chamber at Sunderland Point

Fri, 2018-11-23 11:10

Sunderland Point is a magical place.  Always uplifting to visit.  And now, thanks to the Heritage Lottery Fund and loads of hard work by the community - there's even more reason to visit in 2019. full story


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