BLOG: Plastic free from mountain to sea – Lockdown litter pick

Sat, 2021-02-13 15:02

Latest updates on clearing the Bay's beaches, pathways and cycleways of plastic waste.

Wednesday 24 February 2021

Here’s a monthly update on our new “Clear the Bay” campaign to rid plastic from Morecambe Bay's shores.  Lockdown number 3 has been continuing to halt our beach care events, but our lockdown litter picks have had some good coverage, and we’ve made some new friends along the way. full story

Lockdown antidote transports woodlands to homes

Fri, 2021-01-22 09:50

A magical soundwalk through stunning south Cumbrian woodlands, showcasing nature at its best and most fragile, is offering a unique anitdote to the latest lockdown.

Heading the stella line-up in a 30-minute audio classic are corncrake, once a common sight in the Rusland Valley, and now regionally extinct after their ground-nesting habitats fell victim to farm machinery and changes in land management. full story

Forests, Footprints and Fauna

Tue, 2021-01-05 20:58

Follow in the footsteps of the Bay's ancient inhabitants with our new volunteer training project.

Morecambe Bay's ever-shifting sands regularly expose ancient land surfaces where prehistoric communities hunted thousands of years ago. A prehistoric woodland landscape is revealed by fallen tree stumps embedded in the clays and its use by Stone Age hunter-gatherers is preserved as animal remains and footprints. full story


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