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Morecambe Bay Partnership is a small charity that makes BIG things happen. We're working hard to bring benefits to the communities, heritage and environment around the Bay.

The Partnership has secured over £3.5M of external investment.  Funding that would not otherwise have come to the Morecambe Bay area.  We aim to help secure £10M in the next 10 years to make more great things happen.

Our projects include the Bay Cycle Way and bringing 2020Vision exhbition to the Bay. 

Partnerships are at the very core of how we work.  It's how we make BIG things happen even though we are small.

Our core team has 11 dedicated staff, commited to making great things happen, and all of whom care deeply about the communities of the Bay.  We have a wonderful team of volunteers running beachcleans and helping in many other ways.

Morecambe Bay Partnership is a registered charity, governed by a board of trustees. Registered charity number 1089559.


Featured Story

Catching Tales

Morecambe Bay Partnership is excited to announce a new programme of community-based art commissions that will celebrate the unique fishing heritage of Morecambe Bay entitled ‘Catching Tales’.

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