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Morecambe Bay Partnership Outdoor Learning programme 2024

Nurturing young minds, embracing nature

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Embark on a new educational journey with Morecambe Bay Partnership’s Outdoor Learning Programme 2024. Designed to engage 3000 young minds aged 5-25, our seasonal initiative promises a holistic approach to learning, fostering environmental awareness, conservation values, and a deep appreciation for the unique ecosystem of Morecambe Bay. Equality of opportunity is at the heart of this programme so as many young people as possible can benefit from developing new skills, feeling healthier and contributing to the protection of their local area. Find out more about the different seasonal activities the charity can offer...

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Unlock nature's classroom: Educational adventures with Morecambe Bay Partnership

Welcome to a world where education meets the great outdoors. Morecambe Bay Partnership invites you and your students to embark on a year-round journey of discovery, learning, and creativity. Our Outdoor Learning Programme offers a variety of engaging events each season, blending hands-on outdoor experiences with insightful classroom sessions.

Free events with a dash of adventure: Thanks to the generous support of our charitable funders we are able to offer these sessions for free- designed to make outdoor education accessible to all. Explore the wonders of Morecambe Bay without any cost – from birdwatching in autumn to crafting in winter. The beauty of learning outdoors should be shared by everyone.

Transportation fundamentals: While our events are free, we understand that getting to our outdoor sites might require some logistics. Schools are kindly requested to fund transport to our event locations. We're here to assist you in planning and coordinating this aspect, ensuring a seamless transition from classroom to the coastline. However, if the cost of transport is prohibitive then do please get in touch- we may be able to support you.

Outdoor and In-classroom sessions: Tailor your learning experience to suit your preferences. Our Outdoor Learning Programme offers both outdoor and in-classroom sessions for each season. Whether you prefer the invigorating air of Morecambe Bay or the cosiness of your classroom, we've got the perfect blend to suit your curriculum.

Book multiple events throughout the year: Dive into the diversity of Morecambe Bay's ecosystems by booking multiple events throughout the year. From beach cleans in spring to birdwatching in autumn, each season brings unique opportunities for exploration and learning. Let your students be immersed in a year-round educational adventure!

Tailored events just for you: Looking for something specific? Let's chat! If there's a tailored event you'd love to run but don't find it in our current offer, reach out to us. We're flexible and open to creating bespoke experiences that align with your curriculum and goals. Your vision could become the next big educational adventure!

Guidance every step of the way: Our experienced Morecambe Bay Partnership team is here for you. We'll guide you through the planning process, provide detailed schedules, and ensure that all activities align with safety standards. We can provide risk assessments and we are fully insured. Plus, our team is DBS checked, guaranteeing a secure and enriching learning environment for your students.

Let's plan, learn, and grow together: Join us in making education an unforgettable journey. To book events, discuss tailored sessions, or seek guidance, contact our team at Together, let's create lasting memories in the heart of Morecambe Bay's natural wonders.

Click here to open our Outdoor Learning leaflet

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Welcome to the blooming beginnings of spring with Morecambe Bay Partnership.

As the days lengthen and the natural world awakens, Morecambe Bay Partnership is thrilled to invite you to embark on a journey of discovery and conservation in the enchanting season of spring. From February to May, our Outdoor Learning Programme sets the stage for a series of captivating experiences under the warm sun (or rain!)

Dive into hands-on beach cleans addressing plastic pollution around Morecambe Bay. We have already collected over 80 tonnes of rubbish from around the Bay, but we want to help your students be part of turning the tide on plastic pollution. We will be offering a limited number of beach cleans for schools around the Bay.

Educational sessions on water quality and it‘s impact on marine life: Discover the vital role water quality plays in the well-being of marine life. Engaging and informative sessions will unravel the complexities of our aquatic ecosystems, empowering students with knowledge that extends beyond the classroom walls.

Guest Speakers from Morecambe Bay Partnership bringing expertise to school assemblies: Enrich the learning experience with first hand insights from the experts. Morecambe Bay Partnership staff will be on hand to deliver both pre-recorded and in-person assemblies discussing the issue of plastic pollution on our shores and how everyone can do their bit to tackle the issue discussing the issue of plastic pollution on our shores and how everyone can do their bit to tackle the issue..

These sessions can be adapted to suit ages 7-18. Please get in touch for more information. Email

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Discover summer splendor: flora and heritage adventures in Morecambe Bay

Welcome to a vibrant summer of exploration and creativity with Morecambe Bay Partnership's Outdoor Learning Programme. From June to August, immerse yourself in the richness of local flora and uncover the fascinating heritage and archaeology that makes Morecambe Bay a true gem. Here's a sneak peek into the exciting experiences that await:

Interactive workshops merging creativity and flora: Engage your senses and unleash your creativity in our interactive workshops. Merge the vibrant colours of flora with artistic expression, creating a unique blend of nature-inspired art. These classroom sessions offer a dynamic way to connect with the environment and express your appreciation for the summer season, all whilst learning about the plants that call Morecambe Bay home.

Heritage walks unveiling the past: Step back in time as heritage walks guide you through the rich history and archaeology that graces Morecambe Bay. Uncover hidden tales, explore ancient sites, and gain insights into the historical tapestry that has shaped the landscape we cherish today.

Immerse in the local flora: Embark on a journey through the stunning landscapes of Morecambe Bay, where local flora takes centre stage. Our immersive outdoor sessions highlight the importance of native plant species, providing a hands-on experience for participants to connect with the beauty that thrives in the summer sun.

These sessions can be adapted to suit ages 7-18.

Please get in touch for more information. Email

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Embrace autumn's symphony: birds and wildlife wonders around Morecambe Bay

As the leaves begin to rustle and autumnal hues paint the landscape, Morecambe Bay Partnership invites you to experience the enchantment of the season. From September to November, join us in celebrating the avian wonders that grace the Bay and learn how to become stewards of their habitats. Here's a glimpse of the exciting activities awaiting you:

Talks on protecting bird habitats: Deepen understanding of the importance of preserving the internationally significant birds of the Bay through enlightening classroom sessions. Learn about the delicate ecosystems that sustain these winged inhabitants of Morecambe Bay and discover practical ways to contribute to their conservation efforts. These specially designed school sessions include practical bird identification activities as well as discussions about habitats.

Assemblies on the birds of Morecambe Bay: Gather together for captivating assemblies that unfold the stories of the birds that call Morecambe Bay home. Delve into the unique characteristics, behaviours, and ecological significance of our feathered residents. These assemblies provide an immersive experience, fostering an appreciation for the avian diversity that graces the Bay.

Practical classroom session or assembly promoting good outdoor behavior: Connect with nature responsibly through hands-on activities and engaging talks designed to instill a sense of environmental stewardship. Learn the principles of responsible outdoor behaviour and develop an understanding of how our actions can positively impact the delicate balance of the natural world.

These sessions can be adapted to suit ages 7-25. Please get in touch for more information. Email

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Winter Wonderlands: Embracing trees and eco-crafts

Step into the tranquility of winter as Morecambe Bay Partnership presents a special seasonal treat in our winter nature-based Crafts workshops. From December to February, we invite you to explore the remarkable world of Trees of Morecambe Bay and delve into the magic of nature-inspired crafting. Join us for an enriching journey that celebrates the spirit of winter and the vital role that trees play in shaping our ecosystem.

Identify and appreciate local tree species: Begin your winter adventure by unlocking the secrets of local tree species that grace Morecambe Bay with this in-classroom session. From the grandeur of ancient oaks to the delicate beauty of the Lancaster Whitebeam our sessions focus on helping you identify and appreciate the diverse trees that paint the winter landscape around Morecambe Bay.

Tree planting activities for habitat conservation: If your school has applied to plants trees on your grounds, then we can support hands-on tree planting activities as well as offering classroom sessions that cover the importance of habitat conservation by planting native trees, and discusses the profound impact these actions have on maintaining biodiversity and preserving the natural balance.

Storytelling Sessions: The importance of trees in the ecosystem: Gather around for storytelling sessions that weave tales of the significance of trees in our ecosystem. Explore the roles they play in providing habitat, regulating climate, and contributing to the overall health of our planet. These stories bring the essence of trees to life, connecting us deeply with the winter landscape. These sessions are great for nursery or KS1 settings.

These sessions can be adapted to suit ages 5-25.

Please get in touch for more information. Email

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