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Love My Beach

We really love the beaches and bathing waters around Morecambe Bay, just like locals and visitors do. To protect our beaches and water, we lead community action to clear damaging plastic and rubbish from Morecambe Bay. This ensures our Bay can be enjoyed by everyone, and that we protect the habitats of wonderful birds and wildlife around Morecambe Bay. Find out more about this vital work below.

Love My Beach

In 2013, Keep Britain Tidy and Morecambe Bay Partnership created the LOVEmyBEACH campaign. It received strong support from individuals and partners across the region and we worked together to keep our local beaches and bathing waters clean.

We have continued this important work around Morecambe Bay recruiting amazing volunteers, generating litter picking groups and engaging with enthusiastic communities who care passionately about the Bay. Together, we've cleared beaches, paths & trails making sure the Bay's countryside is plastic and litter-free, and that wildlife has a clean environment to live in.

All of this vital work comes at a cost however. To continue, we need financial support - to run volunteer programmes, to staff and organise litter picking events, to buy litter picking equipment and insurance, and to ensure all the litter collected is disposed of correctly as waste or recycling. A regular gift of just £5 a month could help to keep the Bay’s beaches plastic free, or a one off donation of £10 could buy a pair of litter pickers for beach care volunteers. If you can give to this cause, your money will make an impactful and visible difference to Morecambe Bay.

Through the LOVEmyBEACH project, we created a collection of free resources appropriate for use in schools and businesses. From guidance on how to dispose of kitchen fats and oils to what you flush down the loo or rinse down the drain, we can all help to keep our water and Bay clean. You'll find valuable resources below for raising awareness in your business or classroom.

Resources for schools:

  1. Fat Trappers - Education Pack
  2. Flush Fighters - Education Pack
  3. Drain Defenders - Education Pack
  4. Litter Binners - Education Pack

Poster inspiration:

  1. Love My Beach - Kitchen Fats
  2. Help Keep Our Beaches Clean
  3. Dogs - Bag it and Bin it
  4. Only flush the 3 'P's


  1. Help tackle coastal pollution
  2. Dogs at the Beach Leaflet
  3. Barbecue Guidance
  4. Waste water disposal for motorhome and campervan users
  5. Yellow Fish campaign (now run by the Oil Care Campaign)

For businesses:

  1. Disposal of fats, oil, grease and food waste (for caterers)

PCA 1 230611 570

Donate today. Help to keep Morecambe Bay clean.

Do you think Morecambe Bay's beaches and countryside need to be kept clean for people, birds and wildlife? If you care, please consider making a donation. Your gift, however small or large, will make a real difference to our ability to continue this vital work in Morecambe Bay. Together we can protect our shared environment, the Bay's birds and wildlife and their precious habitats.

Act now. Keep our Bay clean.
litter picking with Freedom Confectionery

Want to be a regular litter picker?

Through our charity's work and the amazing efforts of dedicated volunteers, litter picking groups have formed across the Bay. If you'd like to join a group, and become a regular litter picker, take a look at the groups here.

Find a litter picking group near you
Beach Clean at Morecambe

Join us on a beach clean

Would you like to join one of our sociable beach cleans or litter picks? We run events of this type throughout the year and in different areas of Morecambe Bay. We'll make you welcome, provide litter picking equipment and together we'll keep the Bay clean and beautiful. You can find details of these events on our 'What's On' page.

Join us on a beach clean

Help the Bay to thrive by observing the coastal code

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