Love my Beach is about inspiring people to care for their beaches and 5 designated bathing waters around the Bay. The campaign is about convincing people that their simple actions really can make a difference to the water quality.We want everyone to do a bit to help. You can 'love your drains', clean up after your dog, and check your plumbing connections. Take our pledge today to show how much you lovemybeach.

By working with us and with the help of other Love my Beach projects elsewhere in the NW, we are going to try even harder to improve Bathing Water quality so our beaches are lovely places for everyone to enjoy.

Love my Beach involves a range of organisations across the North West, who all have the same aim: to love our local beaches and seas.

There is a very real risk of Bathing Water failures with the introduction of more stringent EU regulations in 2015.  This presents a very serious challenge.  If our beaches were to fail for 5 years in a row this would mean permananent signs warning against bathing.  And that is not what anyone wants. We are working with the Environment Agency, Local Authorities and United Utilities, to protect Morecambe Bay's five designated Bathing Waters. 

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