Where is Morecambe Bay?

The area we work in hugs the coastline of Morecambe Bay in North Lancashire and South Cumbria.  In total, it covers 207 square km.


Morecambe Bay is the largest intertidal area in the UK where four estuaries join in a horseshoe-shaped Bay of a spectacular scale and grandeur.  The Bay itself is the key unifying feature of the landscape with vast, shining sands alternating with seascapes in the constant rhythm of the tide.  The surrounding landscapes reveal a narrative of man's work, shaping the land and tied to the coastline from one millennium to the next.  For centuries humans have earned livelihoods from fishing, seafaring, trade and farming the coastal fringes, shaping the coastal landscape and carving out a unique history and tremendous cultural richness.

The coastal communities look towards one another across the Bay.  The railway adds a physical link that echoes deep economic and social connections with the Bay.

Headlands, cliffs and promenades offer spectacular vistas over the elemental landscape. The scale of these views lifts the spirits and has made the Bay a place of contemplation and religious significance through the ages.  This emotional response to the Bay prompted our HLF Scheme's title – Headlands to Headspace


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Back On Our Map (BOOM) - Flagship wildlife project for the Bay gets the green light

Morecambe Bay Partnership is delighted to be a partner in an innovative new project led by the University of Cumbria.

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