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Let's protect the Birds of the Bay

Morecambe Bay has the highest level of legal protection for its wildlife. Its saltmarshes, sands and mudflats are an internationally recognised mosaic of habitats that many species call home and we need your help to protect it.

Let's protect the Birds of the Bay

Morecambe Bay is a great place for you to spot some wonderful wildlife, but with an ever-increasing number of people visiting our coastline there has never been a more important time for us to work together to protect it. We are looking for volunteers to support our exciting project with the RSPB that will protect nests of endangered birds.

Shorebirds around the UK are in decline due to habitat loss, climate change and disturbance. Morecambe Bay Partnership is working with RSPB’s Life on the Edge project to develop best practice to protect our shore nesting birds through community engagement and awareness raising. Nests are hard to see and are easily disturbed by walkers, dogs and recreational activities. Signage, though useful, is easy to overlook, misunderstand or ignore, whereas a conversation with a friendly, passionate volunteer will leave a lasting impression on a visitor. Positive engagement is a powerful tool to protect our wildlife and to inspire people to take notice of signs that indicate that birds are nesting nearby. Therefore we would be delighted to welcome friendly, knowledgeable volunteers to the team to raise awareness of the birds nesting on our shores and direct people away from active nests.

We are looking for volunteers who are happy to:

  • Greet visitors at nesting bird sites ( Foulney and Walney Island)
  • Ask visitors to complete surveys
  • Explain how visitors can avoid disturbing birds (keeping to paths, walking low on the shore etc)
  • Show visitors the birds through telescopes and share messages about disturbance
  • Undertake human behaviour surveys

You don't need to be an expert at bird ID, just be friendly and willing to share your enthusiasm for the Birds of the Bay. If you want to raise awareness of our feathered friends please sign up below.