Digging deep - what lies beneath?

Fri, 2017-11-03 15:19
Excavation to seek answers about Silverdale's iconic chimney

The Bay's very own Indiana Jones' and Lara Crofts are gathering in Silverdale over the next two weeks, brushing off their trowels and donning their stripy jumpers... in the hope of uncovering secret stones and forgotten fragments, hidden beneath the saltmarsh at the iconic site of Jenny Brown's Point.

Local enthusiasts of all things old and muddy are joining Morecambe Bay Partnership and professional archaeologists to excavate three trenches near to the site of the iconic chimney located on the shore near to Jenny Brown's Point - a well known landmark of Morecambe Bay.

During the excavation the team will peel back the layers of soil concealing building foundations and explore what is buried beneath the ground.

Follow the daily progress of the excavation here on our website and on Facebook and Twitter.

If you fancy picking up a trowel and delving into the (not too deep) depths, all you need is enthusiasm, warm clothes and a sense of humour - there are a few places remaining for energetic earthmovers on Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th November - book here

More about Jenny Brown's Point

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