Could you share your love of birds as a Natural Ambassador?

Thu, 2019-08-29 09:30
And help others look out for the birds of the Bay...

Did you know thousands of waders and wildfowl feed on the Bay's sands and mudflats? Or that it is the second most important place for wintering birds in the UK?

Sadly there have been declines in the number of overwintering birds. Unintentional disturbance by people is cited as one of the problems. The main issue is around the high tide period when birds can’t access their food and their sole focus is on saving energy and keeping warm. When birds take flight they use 12 times as much energy, eating into vital resources which keep them alive through the winter.

Volunteers Needed!

Morecambe Bay Partnership is seeking volunteers to become Natural Ambassadors for the Birds of the Bay. Natural Ambassadors will help inform and inspire people about the thousands of waders and wildfowl that use Morecambe Bay as a vital stop-off during the autumn and winter months. We are seeking friendly and approachable people who are fairly knowledgeable about coastal birds, and who are happy to share this knowledge and enthusiasm twice monthly at outdoor sessions on key roost sites around certain high tides. Training on coastal bird identification and ecology will be provided, as well as equipment and materials. We have someone dedicated to help and support volunteers. Dogs are welcome to accompany Natural Ambassadors on site during sessions. 

An evening is being run to explain more about the Natural Ambassadors project and about Morecambe Bay's birds, and how you can help us educate and enthuse those that use the Bay. Anyone interested in getting involved should come along and join us for this free induction evening.

This initiative is one way that we can improve conditions for our wintering birds. We are planning on-site information and a wider publicity campaign. We also want to work with local communities to develop awareness using the arts. We are currently working with landowners, parish councils and other conservation organisations to improve things for our wintering birds. 

For further information contact Amy Hopley on 07505 962212


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Over 8,000 of you voted - that's massive. Thank you.

Will it be enough to win? We hear in a few days. 

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