BinIt4Beaches this Summer!

Tue, 2017-08-15 17:20

Please #binitbeaches this summer

If you’re planning on visiting one of the UK’s hundreds of designated bathing water beaches this year you might be shocked to find a wet wipe buried in the sand next to your picnic spot.  It’s unlikely that these wipes have been left here as litter; as millions of wipes are wrongly flushed down the toilet each year which means a small percentage of them reach our much loved beaches and seas after heavy rain or flooding. The Marine Conservation Society's annual beach litter survey shows that the number of wet wipes found on UK beaches have increased by 700% over the last decade. Wet wipes are often invaluable to parents with the range of wipes in the market increasing. 

“But my wet wipe says flushable on it?"

Unfortunately, not everything does what it says on the packet. Water companies have a standard for what can be flushed safely down the toilet and wet wipes labelled as 'flushable' aren't passing it. This is because they don't break down quickly enough once they've been flushed. Over the summer holidays we’re asking families to only flush the 3P’s down the toilet; pee, poo and (toilet) paper and #binit4beaches when it comes to any type of wet wipe. Please help our beaches by making this small change in your home. 

You can also help this campaign by increasing awareness about the effects on the environment when wet wipes are flushed down the toilet, simply share this article on your social media page. 


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