Arnside to Grange Viaduct Cycleway

Thu, 2013-09-12 15:20

We have been working with partners towards our long-term ambiton of creating a walk and cycleway on the Arnside to Grange railway viaduct.  We believe this would be a transformational project as it would be a significant and unique attraction for new visitors, as well as boosting sustainable travel and increasing the popularity of the Bay Cycle Way. 

We have recently submitted an appliction to fund feasibility studies.  Arnside and Grange are less than 4 miles apart, but the journey by road is over 20 miles.  Since Victorian times there has been a railway viaduct across the estuary.  Connecting these two coastal communities with a walk and cycle way across the Arnside Viaduct is a project that has huge local support.  4 out of 5 people surveyed in Arnside (a total of 464 people) and all 48 children at Arnside Primary School were in favour of the link (CCC, 2010).  (Until recently there was a tradition amongst local people of crossing the viaduct on foot each Christmas Day)

ATOG - the Arnside to Grange support group, champions this ambition locally.  We are continuing to work closely with ATOG, Sustrans and Cumbria County Council and others to seek to progress this ambition.  Significant funding is required to take this visionary, transformational project forward.  The cycle/walkway would physically connect the Bay, reduce car travel and create a unique destination in its own right with the potential to draw visitors from afar opening up the Bay to new markets.

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