Morecambe Bay Lives: A Sea of Stories – an intergenerational project celebrating the people and places of Morecambe Bay.

 “I used to go flook fishing underneath Ulverston viaduct. We would watch the tide come in and rush up the ladder to escape it.” Eric

“I have memories of Engelbert Humperdinck floating down the Morecambe Swimming Stadium on a four poster bed being filmed for Irish television.” Ginny

“After the May half-term I would take groups of pupils every day to Grange Baths until the end of July. Swimming was important.” Jill

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Share your memories

‘Morecambe Bay Lives’ is working with local communities to gather and share information about the area through the creation of an archive of oral histories. The archive, telling the story of this unique area, will reflect the diverse experiences of people who have lived, worked in or visited Morecambe Bay. We would like to speak to those who know the Bay best and share those memories with others. 

Opportunities for Schools

The project will also focus on engaging young people in discovering, learning about and celebrating Morecambe Bay. Schools around the Bay will be given the opportunity to participate in this intergenerational project which will bring together pupils and members of their local community. Pupils will learn from, and with, older people, discovering more about their localities through the memories and experiences of others. Each school will represent their local area and, working with the information they have collected during the project, will contribute to a major celebration in July 2018.  We are looking for schools to take part in the programme so if your pupils would like to celebrate their corner of Morecambe Bay we’d love them to help us with our project. For further information contact our Facilitator Emma Aylett who will enjoy telling you more so you can explore the creative and community possibilities. 

Reminiscence Sessions & Sharing Days

The project will also reach out into the community by bringing together groups for Morecambe Bay themed reminiscence sessions, alongside community drop-in days for people to share their stories and photographs. The project depends upon information gathered from participants. All memories of life around Morecambe Bay are welcomed.  Perhaps your work or leisure pursuits have been linked to the Bay or you have a special memory which took place somewhere along the Morecambe Bay coastline? You could have a special interest in the wildlife of the area or perhaps you have a childhood memory of a seaside visit or event. Whatever your memory connected to Morecambe Bay, please contact us if you are interested in contributing. 

For more information, to keep updated about the project or to arrange to share your memories please contact Emma Aylett on 07981 042895

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Image: Cross Bay Swim, 1950 from the Joseph Hardman Collection, © Cumbria Image Bank


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