Interpretation Strategy for Morecambe Bay

What is interpretation?

Interpretation is primarily a communication process that helps people make sense of, and understand more about, your site, collection or event (Association of Heritage Interpretation) 

When delivered well, interpretation can help people to learn about and understand heritage. It can help to provide an enjoyable, memorable experience at heritage sites, and engage a wider range of people. Interpretation interrupts people on their journey. It encourages discovery. It encourages people to stop, look, listen and remember.  (Minerva Heritage Ltd)

In 2016 Morecambe Bay Partnership/Cumbria County Council commissioned an Interpretation Strategy for Morecambe Bay. 

Working with partners, stakeholders, businesses and supporters from the Bay’s communities through a series of workshops, site visits, surveys and meetings, this new strategy was created to help communicate the heritage of the Bay to residents and visitors in a meaningful and high quality way. The work was undertaken by Minerva Heritage Ltd, working with TellTale, and funded by Headlands to Headspace, Morecambe Bay Partnership’s Heritage Lottery Landscape Partnership Scheme.

The purpose of this interpretation strategy for Morecambe Bay is to:

• Guide the development of comprehensive, cohesive interpretation across Morecambe Bay; to secure better results and prevent duplication of effort

• Provide strategic interpretive aims and objectives

• Present target audiences for interpretation

• Present a central theme, sub-themes and storylines to guide and inform the storytelling of Morecambe Bay’s heritage

• Present key sites for interpretation development

• Recommend interpretive media for development and delivery

• Present relevant best practice case studies for comparison and learning

• Present guidelines for developing great interpretation

We would welcome conversations about the strategy and hope it will be a useful tool to many organisations around Morecambe Bay. 

Image by Diane Jarvis


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