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Sat, 22 Jun 2019 19:00


A magical midsummer evening of Troll Tales with Emily Hennessey

Venue: Castle Head Field Centre, Grange-over-Sands, LA11 6QT

On the shores of Morecambe Bay, there are Trolls!

You’ll find them everywhere; skulking in the shadows of the fells, snoozing beneath the moss, sniffing around the sands…

Some will steal you treasure. Some will gobble your goat (and your sandwich). But others will share their worldly wisdom (and their porridge).


Swedish storyteller, Emily Hennessey, is fascinated with the connections between Scandinavian folklore and landscape, and the Morecambe Bay area. She invites listeners old and young to gather around the campfire on this long, light evening and step into the mysterious, curious world of this hairy (and perhaps misunderstood?) creature. 


Tickets available from Eventbrite

Pre-booking required.  Adults £6 Children £4. All ages welcome but best suited to 7+

Troll-fearing parents should be accompanied by brave children! 



Event information: 

  • Be prepared to get damp and wear suitable clothing for the weather. The event will take place outdoors unless the weather is particularly bad. An indoor room is available should this be the case. 
  • The storytelling will take place on top of a picturesque wooded hill in the Castle Head grounds with distant views of Morecambe Bay. It is a short walk (5-10mins) up hill on an unsurfaced path from the Field Centre. The walk will be part of the event. Please wear sensible footwear.
  • You might wish to bring insect repellent just in case
  • There is some seating and logs on a first come first served basis. We'd recommend bringing a bin bag / picnic blanket / cushion to sit on as an alternative.
  • There will be a camp fire.
  • Refreshments will be available for a small donation 
  • Parking and toilet facilities are available at the Centre
  • We hope to have a tramper (off road mobility scooter) available for anyone who needs assistance to to get up the path. Please contact us (email or telephone 01539 734888)  in advance to confirm arrangments before booking tickets 


Supported by SWEA and created in collaboration with Morecambe Bay Partnership          






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