Place-names around Morecambe Bay

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Wed, 25 Apr 2018 10:00 to 12:30

Place-names around Morecambe Bay

What's in a name? Discover the history of Cumbria and the Bay through the fantastic names found on the map.

Venue: Victoria Hall, Grange-over-Sands

Dr Fiona Edmonds, Director of Lancaster University's Regional Heritage Centre, will deliver a talk and workshop on the uses of place-name evidence for the understanding of historical themes. She will outline the general principles of place-name research, and analyse specific local examples.

The format of the morning will be:

  • 10-11am introductory talk

  • 11am-11.10am break

  • 11.15am-12.15pm practical workshop

  • 12.15pm-12.30pm any questions

Booking required via Eventbrite 

The contact for the day will be Michelle Cooper 07760 881826

Please note you do not need to print your ticket.

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