Morecambe Bay Sunset Series: The Story of SHIP

Tue, 30 Mar 2021 19:00 to 20:30

Morecambe Bay Sunset Series: The Story of SHIP

On the second anniversary of the unveiling of SHIP, Anna Gillespie talks us through the process she used to create this evocative sculpture.

SHIP is an evocative celebration of Morecambe Bay’s maritime heritage, the stories of connections across the seas and of those who look out… and wait. This bronze, corten steel and stone sculpture at Half Moon Bay, Heysham has, in the two years since it was unveiled, become an icon of the area.

Internationally celebrated artist Anna Gillespie "has attempted through her work to recapture a feeling of immersion in nature, often employing... natural found objects then cast into bronze. The act of gathering each autumn the artist considered a meditation; on the beauty of nature and our human place within it. She describes it as humbling, viscerally realising the way in which we humans are just another mass product of nature – all fundamentally the same and yet no two alike."

More recently she has "shifted her focus on to the way in which humans are influenced by the man-made environment and to the way in which we interact with the planet as a species. Whereas most work using organic materials depicted solitary figures, often in a meditative or perhaps even spiritual stance, the new work favours groups, walking or standing... Gillespie is also seeking to draw a parallel with the historical experience of people and their movements across the surface of the Earth through the ages."

Join us as Anna reveals her creative process and how Morecambe Bay inspired her to produce this thought-provoking sculpture.

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