Bracken and Bones (Festival of the Bay 2018)

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Sat, 21 Jul 2018 11:00 to Wed, 25 Jul 2018 12:30

Bracken and Bones (Festival of the Bay 2018)

Interactive storytelling walk at Birkrigg Common

"Bracken and Bones": An interactive storytelling walk at Birkrigg Common

Dates: 21 July at 11am OR 25 July, 11am

Where: Birkrigg Common, near Ulverston

Length: 90 minutes

Booking - FREE but tickets must be booked in advance here.

Emily the Epic Explorer has made an extraordinary discovery - Morecambe Bay is ALIVE! In fact, the Bay itself is a huge mouth. And this mouth is hungry! With the ebb and flow of every tide, it feeds. But not everything is swallowed forever. Lots of things are spat out again for us to find!

We just need to know how to look, and then we’ll discover the clues, we can unlock the secret stories of the the Bay. Find out about the ghosts and legends of the Stone Circle - come along and be a explorer too!

Birkrigg Common, caught between the lands of the Fells and the Irish Sea, is a place of incredible history and mystery, ritual and buried secrets.

If our clues fall into place, they will unlock stories of the ancient ghosts that roam the common at night, the shadowy figures who dance in the stone circle, tales of Thor, Freya and Loki brought by the settlers who travelled by boat from the Nordic lands, and even the epic tale of Morecambe Bay itself.

This is a an enthralling performance walk around Birkrigg Common led by renowned storyteller Emily Hennessey (

Suitable for ages 7+

Tickets are FREE but must be booked in advance here.

Please come dressed appropriately for the weather with sturdy outdoor footwear. Full meeting details will be sent to ticket holders on booking.




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