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Boosting the Bay's Economy

Have you ever wondered how Morecambe Bay's awe-inspiring coastal landscape, that offers a unique cultural, ecological and historical richness, could help create jobs and support the economy of the Bay area? You're not alone if you have. 

The Morecambe Bay Coastal Community Team (CCT) is working hard to shape a brighter future for the area, and looking at ways to unlock the economic potential of the things that make the Bay area so special. Communities, partners and organisations have been talking with us, helping us to better understand the issues and opportunities facing the area. Together, we have made an effective plan to help develop the area’s economic fortunes. You can read it below. 

Some big ambitions have emerged that could support jobs and growth, building on the area’s stunning natural, historic and cultural assets, developing a sustainable visitor economy, improving liveability and managing the things that make the area special. These are captured in the Economic Plan, which incorporates community views, and builds on other plans, strategies and data for the area.

In November 2018 the CCT secured £50,000 from the Coastal Revival Fund to to look into the opportunities of a walking and cycling route alongside Arnside viaduct. A small group of organisations have been working with the community for several years to see how this could happen. The idea comes from the local community who had looked forward to walking across the viaduct on Christmas Day. 10 years ago the tradition was stopped for safety reasons and the idea to build a new footpath/cyclepath along the side of the viaduct was born. 

Susannah Bleakley,  Chief Executive of Morecambe Bay Partnership said: “We are excited to be leading this project, working closely with the local Arnside to Grange community group, investigating whether or not it’s possible to cross the Bay on foot and by bike using Arnside viaduct, linking communities along the coast. We will be exploring where the route could go, if it’s worth the investment and what benefits it could bring to the area. If the studies show it’s a good investment we’ll have everything we need to fundraise to build the route.”

The CCT is currently includes partners from South Lakeland District Council, Lancaster City Council, Cumbria County Council, Morecambe Bay Partnership, Cumbria Tourism and Marketing Lancashire. They will guide the delivery of the plans ambitions. 



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CEO Susannah steps down in August.

Sadly, the team here at the Partnership are preparing to say a fond farewell to Susannah who is stepping down as Chief Executive after 25 years of dedicated service.

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