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We aim to provide significantly improved access for all audiences to the key natural and cultural heritage sites of Morecambe Bay - not only through improved physical access, where appropriate, such as a new Bay Cycle Way and the provision of Trampers,  and using the railway and its stations, but also through gaining better understanding of our heritage and presenting it in new, engaging, exciting and accessible ways - such as through specially designed maps, a 'people's museum on wheels', mobile apps and appropriate on-site interpretation.

Currently physical access to the key heritage sites and coast is patchy and poor. We see the railway as the arterial route and wish to ensure better integrated transport and green transport opportunities. Physical access improvements will aim to:

  • Connect and sign a Bay Cycle Way with links and spurs to key heritage sites
  • Improve rights of way, information and signs so that it is feasible to cycle and/or walk to key sites from stations
  • Use the railway stations as hubs to access the key heritage sites,
  • Support provision of Trampers to make a small number available for hire through social enterprises at the railway stations improving access for people with disabilities,
  • Design and deliver a minimum of 3 special routes for disabled and /or visually impaired people to access the coast from stations.
  • Presently intellectual and sensory access to the key sites is somewhat limited and out of date. Two approaches will be taken to improve intellectual access:
  • Traditional approaches will use old and new media to develop publications, web-based information, social media and smart-phone downloads.

Creative ways of interpreting and enhancing the natural landscape and cultural heritage as well as improving access and the visitor experience include the Seldom Seen map series as well as a small number of ‘installations’ that have a practical outcome, animate the Bay as a whole & focus on one particular geographic cluster or heritage theme; mobile applications and special events where people can explore an area or part of the Bay's heritage in depth.

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