Heritage at Risk - Conservation at Birkrigg Stone Circle

Morecambe Bay Partnership, working in partnership with Historic England and volunteers, through our Headlands to Headspace Scheme, is working to help conserve one of the North West’s most significant but ‘At Risk’ heritage sites - the concentric stone circle on Birkrigg Common, near Ulverston.  


The main theme for conservation and restoration of cultural heritage is reconnection –

  • reconnection of sites to their landscapes and
  • reconnection of people to their heritage.

Birkrigg Stone Circle, a Scheduled Ancient Monument, is on the 'Heritage at Risk' register and we want to remove it from that list and enusre that it is better understood and managed, so that more people can learn from and enjoy this wonderful site.

What is the importance of this site?

Birkrigg Common is a jewel in the Furness landscape, containing a multitude of archaeological sites and important flora, fauna and fungi. It is renowned for its stunning setting, providing panoramic views across Morecambe Bay, the Lake District Fells, the Pennines and beyond. Walkers, cyclists and tourists alike use and appreciate this fabulous resource and this work is helping protect and preserve this unique landscape for future generations to enjoy.

What are we doing?

Under the supervision of archaeologist, Louise Martin, volunteers are carefully clearing vegetation, primarily bracken, away from the immediate area of the stone circle. This is improving the setting of the monument and revealing the second outer ring of stones, which becomes ‘hidden’ beneath a dense canopy of vegetation during the summer months.

This work will enhance the visitor experience, opening up the site and allowing people to explore the full extent of the monument. It is also increasing the visibility of the archaeological remains, protecting them from accidental damage, which may occur when they are hidden beneath the vegetation.

If you'd like to volunteer to help with the conservation works at Birkrigg Stone Circle, please find out more here or contact us.

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Main image: Jon Sparks

Aerial images: Aerial-Cam



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